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        China FAW Jiefang Automobile Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of FAW Jiefang Group Co., Ltd., and one of the largest and most competitive medium and heavy truck manufacturers in China. FAW Jiefang Automobile Co., Ltd. has a glorious history. This is the cradle of China's automobile industry, and the first vehicle made in China was born here.

        China FAW has established business contacts with 78 countries around the world, covering 5 major regional markets including Eastern Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and has achieved product breakthroughs in high-end markets such as Japan, Norway, and Dubai. The number of overseas first-level agents exceeds 90, and overseas subsidiaries have established self-built marketing channels in South Africa, Russia, Tanzania and other countries. Under the guidance of the “One Belt One Road” initiative, China FAW has actively participated in the construction of markets along the “One Belt One Road” and accelerated the deployment of international production capacity cooperation. It has built 16 overseas assembly and production bases in 14 countries including South Africa, Pakistan, Mexico, and Russia, forming a Based on the implementation path of the “One Belt One Road” initiative, four overseas productivity layouts: east, south, west and north. In the future, China FAW will continue to deeply integrate the "Going global" strategy with the "One Belt One Road" initiative, insist on strengthening cooperation, and achieve a win-win ecological development. By 2025, it will fully cover the markets along the "One Belt One Road" and continue to cultivate key trade markets and improve Layout in core global markets, and gradually build overseas business into a new growth pole for China FAW.

1.How to apply for distributors:
    Apply online, submit documents through contact details as below.
2.Applicant qualification requirements:

   - Requirements for Applicant

     1) Applicants must be honest and law-abiding, have clear property rights and no illegal records

     2) The applicant is willing to establish an independent legal entity, which is only used to engage in the project management of FAW Motor Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of not less than 10 million yuan.

     3) The applicant has a controlling automobile brand 4S shop in operation

     4) The applicant must ensure the land to build a 4S shop that meets the standards of FAW Motor Co., Ltd.

     5) Applicants need to have certain capital and financing capabilities, and sufficient funds for shop building and daily operation (recommended working capital should not be less than 20 million)


   - Requirements for Showroom

     At present, FAW Motor Co., Ltd. has 4 types of 4S store standards, including large, medium, small and MINI stores. 


(1) The relevant data indicators of the store size (*the main indicators for determining the store size) are only used at the application stage to provide reference for the dealership when submitting candidate land/buildings

(2) The final judgment of the store size is based on the "Dealership Store Design Plan-Final Proposal" determined in the pre-opening stage after the confirmation




3.Aplication process:
   - Step1:  Submit application
 (Download the application form, fill it and send mail to guozilong_iec@faw.com.cn

  - Step2:  Material review
  (In the evaluation process, if necessary, we will notify the applicant to supplement other materials, hope to understand.)
   China FAW Group Import & Export Co, Ltd.
   Add: No. 288 TianFu Road, Jingyue Development Zone, ChangChun City, Jilin Province, China

   Contact Person: Mr. Guo Zilong
   Telephone: +86-15843093399
   Email: guozilong_iec@faw.com.cn
5.Special note:
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